Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Cat Hole

Recently, on Facebook, Descendants of David were motivated by a photograph of the Company Store to reminisce. I remembered playing in the "Cat Hole" where all the store paper waste was trashed. It was a room with a door located on the back delivery porch of the store where they discarded paper trash. The door was never locked and we often went there after 5PM, when the store closed.Papers were waist high and, on a good day, we'd find charge pads with good paper and carbon still attached. Gold!

We played "office","store" and other games that let us use that precious carbon paper.So lucky was the child that got to be the clerk or the secretary because they got to do the writing. We would find would letters and memos with blank backs so perfect for an endless supply of writing paper. We had to buy notebook paper and couldn't use it for play. This memory is circa 1949-1956.

Did you ever play like this?

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